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Kris Cole is Australia’s best-selling business author, a management consultant and keynote speaker. She is recognised internationally as a leading authority on productivity, performance management, leadership and effective communication.

You can hear Kris most Wednesdays at 4.45 Australian Central Time, chatting with Annette Marner on ABC radio 639 North and West, and most Monday afternoons around one o’clock Eastern Standard Time on radio 4GR 864, in the Darling Downs, chatting with Graham Healy.

Kris has held significant management and human resources positions in the engineering, oil, food and education industries and holds a Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Industrial Psychology, a Post-Graduate Diploma in Manufacturing Technology and a Graduate Certificate in Adult Education. Kris established her consulting company, Bax Associates, more than 20 years ago. She has created and led management training programs and assisted countless businesses, government organisations and not-for-profit organisations across Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia, to maximise their workplace effectiveness and productivity.

Kris has a practical approach and a clear grasp of bottom line issues. Her books highlight current trends and best practices and are known for their down-to-earth, engaging style.  They offer practical ideas backed by solid knowledge, pertinent research and integration of everyday examples of how to lead, communicate, prioritise tasks and thrive in a changing work environment.


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Gather your facts first

I’m reading a fantastic book by Jim Robbins called The Wonder of Birds. In it (on pages 124-5) he relates a story that is a lesson on the importance of gathering your facts and thinking through the implications of your actions.

In China in 1958, Chairman Mao Zedong ordered that sparrows (as well as flies, mosquitoes and rates) be exterminated. Everyone was expected to do their share of the killing. and they did.

The scientists had estimated that each sparrow ate nearly two kilos of grain a year. Every million sparrows killed would free up enough grain to feed sixty thousand people.

The Great Sparrow Campaign began, with many bells and whistles and banging of pots and pans. Millions of sparrows across the country were killed in just a few months. The people celebrated.

But wait. When scientists dissected the bodies of some of the poor, dead birds, they found that 3/4 of the sparrow diet was not grain, but insects. The near extinction of sparrows in China not only upset the ecological balance of the country but allowed the population of locusts and other insects the sparrows would have kept at bay to flourish. The Great Chinese Famine that resulted killed 30 million people.

The moral of this sad tale is clear, isn’t it?

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