The smartest kids in my school were the ones who didn’t have a TV set in their house. When they were at home, they read, they had conversations, they played board games. But they weren’t bored. Today’s scenario for the smartest kids in school has probably changed. It wouldn’t surprise me if today, the smartest kids are those who have their screen time limited to so many hours a day or week.

Garbage In – Garbage Out. That’s what they say about computers and in a way, the same is true of people.

A friend of mine allows his children to record their special children’s programs and watch them at weekends as rewards – after they’ve done their homework and their chores. But there is no TV during the week and screen time is strictly limited. His kids are smart, mature and nice.

And what about grown-ups? People who watch whatever is least bad on TV, read whatever happens to be in the paper, listen to whatever gossip happens to be going at the coffee machine, are in danger of letting a lot of garbage in!

But think about it. What we store in our minds is our power base. We need to respect our power base by being conscious of what we allow into it.

When you take charge of what comes in, you also take charge of what goes out. Instead of letting yourself be filled up with random input, you can take control of what you know and what you think about. You can let garbage in (and you know what will come out as a result) or you can let neat and interesting stuff in, stuff that makes you a neat and interesting person. It’s your choice.