How to show you really care

Do you want to show team members you really care about them personally, and at the same time, improve the team’s performance? Feedback is the answer. It works most effectively when it’s based on a solid relationship where employees know for sure you care about them personally, and about their success.

Kim Scott, former Google director, faculty member at Apple University, knows a lot about offering feedback – which she calls guidance, much of learned from Sheryl Sandberg.

Helpful feedback needs to be based on genuinely caring about employees. Then you can provide really good information, or as Scott calls it, ‘radical candour’. Caring about employees but not having the guts to provide guidance results in ‘ruinous empathy’. Lack of genuine caring leads to ‘manipulative insincerity’ or ‘obnoxious aggression’, depending on how you provide the feedback.

Scott also points out that you can’t ‘give a damn’ about others if you don’t ‘give a damn’ about yourself. Good advice.

You can read about it and watch her talk here.