Do you bring out the best in people?

When do you bring the most joy–upon your arrival or your departure? Some people bring joy where-ever they go. Others bring joy when-ever they go.

Think about the people you like best. They’re probably the ones who bring joy where-ever they go. Chances are, they don’t go around tearing others down or pointing out their faults; they create opportunities for them to ‘star’. They don’t interrupt people with their own ideas and opinions; they hear people out. They don’t discourage others when they’re attempting something difficult or new; they encourage and support them.

The people we like best make us feel good about ourselves. Have you ever worked for someone who set high goals for you to work toward, made it clear they had every faith that you would achieve them, and gave you every support you needed?

People like this don’t mollycoddle people by doing things for them or giving them easy tasks to do. They bring out the best in people by showing them how to do things for themselves and helping them achieve things they had never thought possible.

The do lots of seemingly small, but important things. They:

  • set high standards and expect the best
  • offer help when they can see it’s needed
  • include people in conversations
  • focus on the positive in others
  • make an effort to say hello and greet people warmly.

We like and trust these people because they make us feel good.

So here’s your challenge for the rest of the week: Make the people around you feel good about themselves!