Hang up a few mirrors around the workplace

Some people think that having mirrors dotted around the office or the home is a sign of vanity. But actually, mirrors are good things to have hanging around. That’s because they seem to effect people in positive ways.

According to one study, people working in rooms with a mirror worked harder, were more helpful and did ‘the right thing’ than people doing the same things in rooms with no mirrors. People in a room with a mirror were also less likely to judge others based on social stereotypes such as sex, race or religion (unless they were socially accepted stereotypes like those about politicians, lawyers and used car dealers, for instance; they’re always fair go, aren’t they!).

The authors of the study think that mirrors might make people behave better because they make us self-aware and therefore more likely to stop and think about what we’re doing. As a result, we shift out of autopilot toward more desirable ways of behaving.

So try dotting a few mirrors around your workplace and your home and see what happens!

Discussion questions

What steps do you take to encourage and help people to work harder, be more helpful and do the ‘right thing’?