How much fun do you have at work?

Lots of studies have found that rest, taking breaks, having fun, and laughing are essential elements of productivity. Fun and laughter have other benefits, too. They:

  • are easier than exercising yet still burn calories
  • boost your immune system to keep you healthy
  • give you perspective and remind you of the bigger picture
  • help you cope with the curly ones life throws at you
  • help you relax, learn more easily and be more creative
  • increase your endorphin levels, the ‘feel good’ chemicals in your brain
  • increase your optimism, which helps you achieve your goals and get through your To Do list more easily
  • make whatever you’re doing more enjoyable and actually help you do it better
  • oxygenate your blood and improve your blood pressure.

Enjoying what you do helps you think more positively and optimistically, outlooks that breed success. Self-congratulations for your ‘runs on the board’ are essential to success, too; they encourage you to keep going until you reach your goal and motivate you to do even better next time.

Here’s something else to think about: a good humour makes you look better and be nicer to be around. It also improves your job prospects: in a recent US survey of 737 CEOs, over 98% of them indicated they would rather hire someone with a good sense of humour than someone without one.

The message is: lighten up, have some fun and have a laugh. When things are going well, find something to laugh about. When things are going poorly, find something to laugh about.

Discussion questions

What can you and your team do to find ways to bring more fun into your workdays?