Get my what out?!!

It seems a supervisor at IBM in Australia thinks a good way to increase sales is for women sales reps to ‘get their boobies out’ and a good way to motivate female sales reps is to sexually harass and bully them. The details are far too tacky to go into here and make for pretty distasteful reading (but if you really want to read the dirt, check it out here and here). When the victim spoke to management about it, she claims she was told to get back to work and never mention the allegations again.

Where are corporate dignity policies when employees need them? Not to mention management support.

The victim successfully sued IBM for $1.1m. Her manager-with-the-bad-taste eventually left IBM and is now employed elsewhere as a sales manager.

Discussion questions

Can you state your organisation’s procedure and the steps to take should an employee make an allegation of harassment?