John Borghetti and Bob Campbell on Managing Performance

While Bob Campbell and John Borghetti are probably not quite as hard on employees as they are on themselves, both agree that anyone who manages people must manage their performance. Otherwise, as Bob points out, you end up with ‘the wrong person in the wrong job.’

As the managing director of Screentime, Bob Campbell has produced, among other hits, Underbelly and Crownies. Before starting Screentime, he was formerly CEO of Network Ten and the Seven Network, both of which employed thousands of people.

As CEO of Virgin Australia, John Borghetti is responsible for 7,000 employees and the safety of millions of employees and customers. In his view, failing to manage performance lets the whole team down. He believes that both the carrot and the stick have their place in the quality of peoples’ performance, but points out that as a carrot, money won’t get the desired result; recognition and support are appreciated more.

Source: John Borghetti, speaking with the candidates for the Masters of Screen Arts and Business at the Australian National University.

Discussion questions

How could allowing someone to continually underperform result in the wrong person in the wrong job? In what ways does failing to manage the performance of one team member let the whole team down? Why is money a poor motivator?