Are you a leader? A quick quiz.

While there is no one best style of leadership, or one best ‘way’ to lead, here are some questions you should be able to answer ‘Yes’ to if you claim to be a leader:

  1. Do you communicate clearly, honestly and in a way that motivates and engages peoples’ best efforts? You can’t get the results you need on your own and you can’t force people to do anything, but the way you communicate, by word and deed, can encourage peoples’ performance.
  2. Do you honour your promises and commitments? This makes you an honourable and trustworthy leader.
  3. Are you able to deal with disappointments by seeing them as pebbles in your path rather than as insurmountable boulders? This makes you a resilient leader and a good role model.
  4. Do you talk to your team members and really listen to their thoughts? This builds effective working relationships.
  5. Have you built a team that works well together to achieve its goals? People working at cross purposes or in a tense atmosphere can’t perform well.
  6. Do you pay attention to people and processes as well as results? Without the right people and processes, you can’t get the results.
  7. Do you provide positive ‘moments of truth’ with each of your employees? This builds employee engagement.
  8. Do you give specific, positive feedback and constructive performance-building feedback? This builds team members’ skills and performance.

Discussion questions

Do you need to strengthen your skills in any of these areas (or are you perfect)? What else have you found effective leaders do?