Systematic sensational customer service

There we were, taking an overseas friend around McLaren Vale and having a great time, eating food and tasting wine. And then it happened. A flat tyre. We phoned the Bob Jane store near our home where we usually go and they suggested we go to a store closer to where we were, in case the tyre could be saved by not driving too far on it. So off we head to Bob Jane, Reynella.

A clean, comfortable waiting room with comfortable chairs, free coffee and clean NEW (not 10-year old, dog-eared) magazines, including many that women would appreciate (i.e. not just Wheels or Body Building!) I eavesdropped as a immaculately-uniformed woman behind the counter explained some quite technical information about ute tyres to another customer, impressed by her product knowledge and clear explanation.

Soon, our car was driven around and a pleasant, clean tyre fitter hopped out and removed the chair cover he’d been sitting on to keep the seat clean. He explained he’d put on the spare tyre. ‘I had to put on the spare tyre because your tyre can’t be fixed. Shame’, he said, ‘it was so clean and new, I hated to do it!  And your other back tyre has just about had it too, so I suggest you think about replacing that at the same time.’

The manager came out with a piece of paper. ‘I’ve written down the tyres I recommend; unfortunately, they need to come from Sydney. I’ve let your local Bob Jane know and they’ll order them in for you and phone you when they’re in, probably in about four days time.’ And how much did we owe him for changing over the tyre? Nothing!

And was our local dealer notified as promised? Absolutely. It was already on his computer five minutes later when we phoned him to confirm the order. And my husband was ‘Mr Cole’ not ‘Mate’.

What a nice experience (and one that impressed our overseas friend no end, too, making me proud to be Australian)!

P.S. That was yesterday. The phone just rang. Our tyres are in!

Discussion questions

Clearly, Bob Jane has some impressive internal procedures and systems to have made that happen so quickly and seamlessly. How well do your internal systems and procedures allow you and your team to dazzle your customers and keep them coming back? What specific elements of this service experience stand out to you? What Moments of Truth did you recognise?