The art and science of persuasive presentations

First comes research and gathering the numbers, according to John Borghetti, CEO of Virgin Australia. When you really know your stuff, you have the ability to be flexible and responsive to your audience, not one-eyed about what you’re going to say. And you can’t do that without thorough preparation.

Next comes rehearsing; and rehearsing; and rehearsing, according to Bob Campbell, managing director of the television and movie production company Screentime. A successful presentation doesn’t leave anything to chance. Being ‘brilliantly prepared’ means you can be absolutely confident.

John Borghetti also stresses the need to sell yourself in your presentations. People won’t believe your words until they believe you and believe in you.

Discussion questions

In Bob’s field, a successful presentation is one where no one has any questions: ‘No questions means you’ve done your job. The people you’re presenting to have ‘got it’. What makes for a successful presentation at your workplace and in your industry?