Preventing employee burnout

Stressed out employees are generally cynical and disgruntled; they have depleted their stores of emotional resources to cope with their work environment and have given up trying to do more than the bare minimum. Here are seven ways to make sure you don’t burnout your team members:

  1. Make sure everyone knows precisely what is expected of them and why it’s important.
  2. Be realistic when you delegate tasks; it’s okay to challenge people but not to overwhelm them.
  3. Delegate according to peoples’ areas of interest.
  4. Don’t insist on or expect unpaid overtime as a matter of course.
  5. Discourage a culture of working through breaks; that does nothing for productivity and prevents people from recharging their batteries.
  6. Provide the resources (time, tools, equipment, information etc.) people need to do their jobs properly.
  7. Remember that a little bit of fun goes a long way to a productive work environment.