How to generate interest in your meetings with spiffy agendas

Whether they’re actual or virtual, how would you like people to look forward to attending your meetings,come prepared and actively participate?

You’ve seen in Chapter 27 (pages 875 – 876) that using verbs to write results-oriented agendas helps people focus on what each item is intended to achieve. Another idea I’ve recently come across is to pose each agenda item as a question, for example: What progress have we made on designing the customer survey? What improvements could we make to increase our efficiency in processing orders? This engages peoples’ thought processes.

Another idea is to state who is leading each agenda item. For instance, you could write: Keith to bring us update on the progress have we made on designing the customer survey; Amy to lead us in brainstorming ideas for increasing our efficiency in processing orders.  This opens up meetings and makes them a bit more interesting.

Discussion questions

What interesting ways of writing agendas have you come across?