Action against bullying

Last month a National Day of Action Against Bullying and Violence took place in Australia. Workplace bullying is a growing concern but it is something that each of us can take action against.

Kate Carnell, CEO of Beyondblue, suggests following the mantra: ‘If you see it, call it’, because when you don’t, you could be sending the message that bullying behaviour is ok.

Clearly something needs to be done to make bullies understand their behaviour is unacceptable; UMR Research says that one in three workers have been bullied at work. Micromanaging unfairly, taking credit for someone else’s work or ideas, blaming someone else for your mistakes, verbal abuse and unjustified criticism are the main forms of workplace bullying.

Discussion questions

How do you know whether someone is being bullied in your work team by another team member? How sure are you that some of your actions or comments could not be interpreted as unfair or even bullying?