What is team culture?

Here are five reasons that your team’s culture is important:

  1. Culture guides employees’ discretionary behaviour – whenever people have a choice about what to do or say, they adhere to expectations.
  2. Culture tells people how to handle problems and difficulties, whether to hide them or fix them.
  3. Culture keeps employees engaged and loyal.
  4. Culture helps you recruit the employees you need.
  5. Culture greases the wheels of performance.

Stand back and watch how team members choose to spend their time. Listen to how they speak to each, about the organisation and about customers. When was the last time a team member alerted you to a problem or a potential problem? When was the last time a team member suggested a better way of getting a result? These are all products of a team’s culture and directly affect productivity and performance.

Discussion questions

What steps can you take to build a high-performance culture in your work team?