Dealing with disappointment

Inevitably, however much we try to avoid it, we all occassionally have to deal with disappointment in the workplace. Although people all have their own individual way of dealing with disappointment, the strategies they use to do so must comply with their organisation’s values and codes of conduct.

An example to the contrary came to my attention over the past few weeks, with reports that cricket allrounder Daniel Christian damaged change rooms on three separate occasions after being dismissed from the pitch. He’s now been instructed to spend some time away from South Australian state cricket.

After the first incident, which occurred at the Adelaide Oval, he was given a verbal warning. After the second incident, this time in Tasmania, he was given a written warning and fined his match fee. Christian apologised after both outbursts and paid for the repairs.

A third incident occurred, this time in Perth, which led to Christian’s suspension from the next match.

Discussion questions

How do you deal with pressure and disappointment at work? How do you help your team deal with pressure and disappointment? How should employees who fail to uphold the values and standards of the organisation and/or their profession be dealt with?