Maverick leadership

Chapter 9 considers various styles of leadership and here’s another: maverick leadership.

According to Dr Elliroma Gardiner from the London School of Economics and Professor Chris Jackson from the University of NSW, these are the creative, daring people whose ideas change their industry and even the world. They’re risk takers and goal-oriented and they can be hard to work with and hard to work for–just ask anyone who worked with the brilliant but difficult Steve Jobs, for example.

These maverick leaders (Sir Richard Branson is another) are also quick decision makers, extroverts and, although low in agreeability, persuasive communicators.

If you have a maverick on your team, give them a bit of leeway to test out their ideas. If you’re a maverick, monitor your behaviour and your effect on others to make life easier for yourself.

Questions for discussion

What other maverick leaders can you think of? What would happen to an organisation with no mavericks in today’s volatile marketplace? What would happen to an organisation with a lot of mavericks?