Continuously improving safety

Writing in the July 2012 Safe Work Australia newsletter, Minister Bill Shorten notes Australia’s progress in improving the health and safety of our employees. but, with 216 people dying every week from work-related injuries (2009 – 2010 figures), we still have a long way to go.

The Minister points to communication as a key driver in improving workplace health and safety and reminds us that employees need to feel they can raise safety issues without fear of discrimination or ridicule and in the knowledge that their concerns will be taken seriously and dealt with promptly.

The ‘inside knowledge’ of the people doing the job too often remains an untapped resource. Teams that abide by the continuous improvement imperative discuss ways to make even small improvements to everything they do and how they approach their work, and this includes health and safety matters as much as anything else.

Question for discussion

So let’s add to our continuous improvement questions (How can we do this better? Cheaper? Faster? More easily?) another question: How can we do this more safely?

When was the last time you and your team discussed how to improve the way you work and how to make your work safer?